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WOWSER NG is a China-born, London-based visual artist. He graduated from University of the Arts London with a master’s degree and also received a letter of recommendation from Steve Brodner in 2019. Wowser is known for his digital paintings, in which bright colors, and fashionable products, Asian queers have developed a unique painting language. Defining his practice as a challenge to pop culture, he appropriates fashion products to form unique visual narratives to explore Gen Z, media influence, and materialism. 


Wowser designs fashion illustrations for many brands, including Harper's Bazaar, YSL, L ’Oreal Paris, and Chery Automobile, and co-designs artwork Mirror Garden with Florentia Village in 2021. He exhibits globally, including Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Beijing 798 Art District, Makersplace, London Lighthouse Gallery, and Central Saint Martins Museum. His works are collected by Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Central Saint Martins Museum and collectors in Shanghai, Wuhan, Tokyo, and London. His artworks are featured in Artsy Collection, I Like Your Work, Aesthetica Magazine, Gulf Stream Magazine, AL-TIBA9 Art Magazine, and Makersplace Magazine. His artworks are selected for the 5th Fida Awards Finalists, and 27th annual No Dead Artist.


In 2023, he was selected into the Contemporary Art Collector’s Emerging Artists Program and the 500th artist participated in the residency at Swatch Art Peace Hotel.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am committed to capturing the impact of pop culture, fashion, and media. Fast, hype, which makes the power of the individual resist the tide swept. Media and information distort people's access to the truth and weaken their ability to explore objects. It's easy to get caught up in popular culture, which is constantly spreading and overwhelming.


At the heart of my practice lies the pulsating rhythm of fashion art—a visual language that transcends boundaries. My creations pulse with life as I appropriate and self-create fashion products and commodities, presenting a striking commentary on the perilous dance with materialism in the era of Generation Z. Through stylistic and opulent imagery, I strive to provoke contemplation on the relentless march of materialistic pursuits, emphasising the perils hidden behind the facade of economic prosperity.


Through self-branding, and appropriating objects, the virtual and real paintings aim to provoke viewers to reflect on the influence of Gen Z media on us and question the power of fashion/product industry endorsements. The juxtaposition of abstraction and figurative, reality and illusion, materiality and spirituality, art and fashion constitute my research.  My paintings combines abstract and figurate which is a challenge to pop art.

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