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Wowser Ng is known for his digital paintings, in which bright colors, and a large number of fashionable products, Asian queers have developed a unique painting language. Wowser opens a new perspective on the possibilities of contemporary painting through a digital painting that combines abstract and figurative. Defining his practice as a challenge to pop culture, he appropriates fashion products to form unique visual narratives and uses stylized abstract images in his research.


Wowser Ng (b.1998), is a China-born, London-based visual artist. Wowser gets a letter of recommendation from Steve Brodner in 2019 then he graduates from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a bachelor's degree and University of the Arts London with a master's degree. His artworks are selected for the 5th Fida Awards Finalists, ijungle illustration award 2021-New Talent in 2022.


He designs fashion illustrations for many brands, including YSL, L 'Oreal Paris, and Chery Automobile, and co-designs artwork Mirror Garden with Florentia Village in 2021. Wowser exhibits globally, including Shanghai Exhibition Center, Beijing 798 Art District, Makersplace, London Lighthouse Gallery, and Central Saint Martins Museum. His works are collected by Central Saint Martins Museum and collectors in Shanghai, Wuhan, Tokyo, and London. His artworks are featured in Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, Aesthetica Magazine,Gulf Stream Magazine, AL-TIBA9 Art Magazine, and Makersplace Magazine


In 2023 he was selected into the Contemporary Art Collector's Emerging Artists Program, and will have a residency at Swatch Art Peace Hotel.

Artist Statement

"Fast," "hype," and "packaging," brings extravagant material consumption, as well as symbolic business culture, which makes the power of the individual irresist the tide swept. Therefore, it easily leads the public to succumb to quick and temporary popularity.


The existence of pop culture further defines the commodity's connotation as anti-art, making the commodity and commerce a symbol of overturning high spirits attacking traditional art.


My work functions by appropriating fashion products, and commodities. These sleek and gorgeous images depict generation Z, an era of rapid material economic development, and attempt to highlight the dangers of continuing to support materialism. When I put forward the issue of the relationship between commodities and people, the audience needs to reflect on the influence of the media in generation Z on us and question the power of the fashion/product industry endorsement. My painting combines abstract and figurative, which is a challenge to Pop art. I develop the painting practice of combining abstract and Pop. With a visual narrative to reveal the pop culture under the influence of the current society.

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