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2021-2022, Master's Degree, University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

2016-2020, Bachelor's Degree, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China


2023, 27th Annual No Dead Artists Finalists, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery.

2023, Emerging Artist Programme 2023, Contemporary Art Collectors.

2022, The 5th Fida Awards Finalist, selected by Acid Gallery.

2022, 2nd winner of Darts and Shafts, selected by CSM fine art team.


2023,  Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai. 



2023, 27TH ANNUAL NO DEAD ARTISTS, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans.

2023, 36.5°C Painting Exhibition, Yan Museum, Guangdong.

2023, Future of Fashion, Metaverse Entertainment World Summit & Award Show, Monaco.

2023, London Lighthouse Gallery’s 2023 Spring Exhibition, Lighthouse Gallery, London.

2023, UAL Post-Grad Community Exhibition, Arts SU Gallery, London.

2023, GayJoy Valentines, Makersplace. (Online)

2022, Ode of graduation, Fang Yuan Art Gallery ,Beijing 798 Art District.

2022, Darts and Shafts, Central Saint Martins Museum, London.

2021, Art Zoo, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai.


2024, Curators' Pick Emerging, Artsy.

2024, New from Small Galleries, Artsy.

2024, The Year of the Dragon, The Artling.

2023, I Like Your Work’s 2023 Summer Exhibition Catalog, I Like Your Work.

2023, Gulf Stream Magazine Issue32 , Selected Artist and Cover Artist.

2023, Aesthetica's Artists' Directory, Aesthetica Magazine (Issue 113).

2023, Interview | Wowser Ng, Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art.

2023, Al-Tiba9 Magazine Issue 13, Selected Artist.

2023, How To Look At Art And Develop A Personal Connection To It, Makersplace Magazine.

2023, Artist | Wowser Ng: Challenge  Pop Art, EveryArt./艺术家:吴臻|挑战波普.

2023, Voices of Tomorrow Art Book,Selected Artist, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.

2022, Interview with Wowser Ng, Contemporary Art Curators.

2022, Darts and Shafts, Central Saint Martins.


Harper's Bazaar


Florentia Village

Chery Automobile

Yves Saint Laurent

Goji Magazine

Artells Magazine

Coin-Operated Press 



2023, Loading,EveryArt, China./正在加载,Every Art, 艺术家分享会.

2022, Haringey's Creative Network 2.0, Florentia Clothing Village, London.


Swatch Art Peace Hotel

Central Saint Martins Museum

Florentia Village


Private collectors from London, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Wuhan.

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